Welcome To CrypTacos! All Things FOOD+CRYPTO!

Bringing together All Things Food and Crypto-Currency.
Blockchain too of Course!

And no, we don’t sell tacos…yet.   🙂

The first stop on our journey is building a Community of People and Businesses who use Crypto to either Buy OR Sell Food in the REAL WORLD.

CrypTacos is an idea…a really big one.It’ll become whatever we make it, so let’s start painting a picture together.

What’s your “I’ve used Crypto for food!” story?Let’s see some pics, tell some tall-tales of the good, bad and the ugly of trying out your new Crypto when you just wanted an anonymous, fully-distributed pizza!  🙂

Crypto-Friendly Restaurant/Vendor/Merchant?
What Crypto-Currency do you allow or use and how’s that working out?What are your plans to bring Crypto to your place?Let’s get your Brick and Mortar shop on the MAP (coming SOON!) as part of the CrypTacos community!As a CrypTacos Community Merchant (coming SOON!), you’ll be able to create a new customer-base that can’t wait see you again and use/promote their fav. Crypto!

BlockChain Company in the Food space?
What is your company doing to create a more transparent, trackable super-highway to get food to and from ALL the peeps?

We at the CrypTacos Community want to hear from you all!

Get connected, tell your story, and pass the hot sauce.

~CrypTacos 😉

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